First Reading Response – Kumashiro

Kumashiro talks about common sense and the role that it plays in not only everyday life, but also common sense in the school setting. He defines it as something that is different depending on settings like schools, and even within everyday life like how to cook (an example given in the text). They are also defined as social expectations that are unspoken words that people are expected to know without any formal learning in these expectations and practices. These are expectations that are accumulated from parents, upbringing, school, and many other things that we are exposed to on an everyday basis.

Common sense is something that is important in our everyday lives in the sense that without common sense, we would be quite lost socially and we would not be able to understand what is “okay” according to society and the people around you. In the article he mentions that he conforms to the way that the school system in Nepal runs their schools and teaches their children instead of continuing to push his western beliefs that are deeply engrained in him. This is important to understand and respect that other cultures and people have their own common sense, views, and beliefs that do not always have to be changed.

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